LIS Logistics is the address to turn to for all your Value added logistics (VAL). Along with storage, processing your orders and transporting your goods we also provide the service to alter your products in any way to meet your every demand. Specific wishes such as repacking products, composing giftpacks from different components, applying labels/duty stamps, quality inspections visually or with specialized tools are no problem for us to process. Our warehouse layout enables us to erect work stations to match the capacity needed. These work stations can be fitted with extra light fixtures and compressed air to perform more technically challenging operations as well. These tools, as well as our flexible work force makes almost every job possible.

Examples of Value added logistics performed at LIS Logistics

  • Pre-installations
  • Altering / Revising products
  • Repacking products
  • Visual inspection
  • Technical inspection (with tools)
  • Labelling
  • Composing gift sets (folding boxes, adding different components etcetera)