Transportation / Forwarding

Transportation / Forwarding

Transportation / Forwarding

LIS Logistics aims to provide for its customers within every aspect of the logistics process, of which transportation is an important aspect.

One of the core activities of LIS Logistics involves transporting alcoholic and non-alcoholic products, equipment/machines, refrigerators, coffee machines, packaging materials, etc. With a modern and specialized fleet of vehicles, which meet the latest environmental standards, we are able to offer numerous transport services. With our transport management system, we are able to plan efficiently and take your needs for distribution within the Netherlands into account. This includes (but is not limited to) delivery times and possible use of tools. Would you like to track your shipment? This can be tracked through a web portal. Our drivers ensure proper delivery and record keeping.


With our modern fleet, which meets the latest environmental standards, we provide distribution within the Netherlands from single pallets, to complete shipments, to everything in between. Your products are delivered to the correct address without transshipment.

All transports within the Netherlands are subject to the AVC conditions.

International transport

LIS Logistics can provide international transportation for our customers. We offer the following options regarding international transport:

  • Complete shipments (FTL/FCL)
  • Groupage shipments
  • Dedicated transport
  • Freight forwarding

Transportation outside of the Netherlands is subject to CMR conditions.

Characteristics of transport LIS Logistics

  • Clear and transparent agreements
  • Competitive pricing
  • Fast delivery
  • Reliable delivery times
  • Possible customization
  • Fixed contact person

Other activities


In our modern distribution center and warehouses in Almere and a surrounding area of more than 40,000m2 centrally located in the Netherlands, we provide inventory management for more than 200 customers.

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Customs facilities

LIS Logistics possesses various customs licenses and customs software related to the import, storage and export of (excise) goods, which offers many advantages. Besides the AGP, IV and bonded warehouse permit, we also possess all the necessary customs permits for importing and exporting goods.

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Value Added Logistics

If you are in need of additional services (Value Added Logistics), LIS Logistics is the right place. We understand that flexibility between the production and delivery of your goods can be necessary in a dynamic world. We can process goods for you that meet the specific preferences of your customer.

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Personal contact?

LIS Logistics is a young, dynamic company focused on providing logistics services in the broadest sense since October 2007. Our core business is transportation and installation of high-tech equipment.

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